Crash Support

Call (312) 869- HELP (4357) for crash assistance. Active Trans provides a 24-hour Crash Assistance Helpline and website to report a crash, get legal referrals and insurance claim help.

While we know you’ve taken steps to prepare for riding on Chicago’s streets, crashes can and do happen. Your safety is Active Trans’ No.1 goal, and we know crashes can be scary and disorienting.

Steps to take when a crash occurs:

1. Seek medical attention: Never refuse paramedics' help, you might not realize how injured you are.

2. Call the police and file a report: Insist the police come to the scene of the crash and file a report. Make sure to get your copy from the officer.

3. Document all information:

   About the driver: license plate, driver's license information, insurance, any witness identification

    Other: document injuries and damage with dated photographs, keep all medical documents and receipts (aspirin, gauze, co-pay, etc.)

4. Decide if you are going to seek legal advice: It is advised you seek legal help before speaking to or making a statement for any insurance company. Call the Crash Assistance Hotline at (312) 869-4357 for assistance in finding a lawyer, or if you are considering handling the insurance claim yourself.