Common Roadblocks

Between intimidating traffic, hot summer sun and the cost of a bike, it’s totally normal to feel nervous if you’re riding to work for the first time. The more preparation and advance reading you do, the more confident you’ll feel strapping on a helmet and heading in to the office.


I don't want to show up to work all sweaty

Wearing sweat-wicking fabrics then changing in the bathroom once you get to work will help you avoid that gross-at-work feeling. Are you one of those people who needs to shower every time they bike? Some people use baby wipes to clean up once they arrive at work.


I don't feel comfortable riding in traffic

Sticking to bike lanes and low traffic streets, riding with a buddy or two who have experience bike commuting and planning your route in advance will all make you feel more confident on busy Chicago streets. Check out the Let’s Get Rolling page for more info on all of these topics.


I don't have a bike

Hit up Craigslist, your local bike shop, or head to your nearest Divvy station to check out bike sharing.


I don't want to get stuck in the rain

Look man, rain happens. If you’re feeling iffy about the forecast, it’s OK to skip the challenge for a day. But bikes are also allowed on the CTA and Metra, so you can also ride in one way and park your bike on public transit if a downpour rolls in.


I don't want to be late to work

You weren’t so worried the day of that boring 9 a.m. meeting last week, were you? Mmmhmmm. Advance route planning is your best friend here, too, as is taking your commute on a test run during the weekend. You’ll get a sense of how much time you really need to arrive without a horrible anxious knot in your chest.